Preparing the way for emacs22 with many individual package updates

Eric S. Raymond esr at
Thu Jul 5 00:50:30 BST 2007

Michael Olson <mwolson at>:
> esr at (Eric S. Raymond) writes:
> > Note: I tried emacs-snapshot, and would be using it now except that
> > it doesn't seem to play nice with emacsclient.  Consider this a
> > minor bug report.
> Make sure that the /etc/alternatives/emacsclient points to
> /usr/bin/emacsclient.emacs-snapshot (and likewise for emacsclient.1.gz).
> This can also be achieved by running the following as root:
>   update-alternatives --config emacsclient
> If it gives a message like "Nothing to configure" (which happens if you
> have only one variant of emacs on your system), then do the following
> to double-check the link:
>   update-alternatives --auto emacsclient
> This updates both emacsclient and emacsclient.1.gz.

Thanks for the tip; this may well resolve my problem.  Is this procedure
documented anywhere?  I'm still an Ubuntu- and Debian-world novice, where
would I learn when something like this is advisable?

I'll file a bug report through the tracker previously suggested if
this doesn't work.

More generally, I'm a fairly heavyweight Emacs expert (author of a
couple of the standard-library packages, among other things).  
Please consider me available for package testing.
		<a href="">Eric S. Raymond</a>
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