Preparing the way for emacs22 with many individual package updates

Eric S. Raymond esr at
Thu Jul 5 00:41:56 BST 2007

Toby Smithe <tsmithe at>:
> On Wed, 2007-07-04 at 17:08 -0400, Eric S. Raymond wrote:
> > Note: I tried emacs-snapshot, and would be using it now except that
> > it doesn't seem to play nice with emacsclient.  Consider this a 
> > minor bug report.
> Well, I'm sure you know the rationale (mailing lists not good
> bug-trackers, etc), so - if you haven't already - could you file a bug
> report at

Thanks, that's the prompt I was looking for.  Will do.
		<a href="">Eric S. Raymond</a>

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