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Jordan Mantha mantha at
Mon Sep 25 22:17:48 BST 2006

* Loïc Martin <loic.martin3 at> [2006-09-25 23:05:37]:

> Hello,
> I've been playing a bit with the instructions to build debian packages at
> and have managed to build updated debs of some programs actually in Dapper
> (gnugo and armagetronad, I had errors when doing the same with qgo) using
> sources from upstream.
> I'd like to know what are the next steps to contibute packages to universe (
> i.e. what further readings I need, except
> ). Also, are the instructions I've read outdated/conflicting with
> ?
> I don't have access to the net often, so I haven't been able to attend irc
> lessons. Is there a good explanation somewhere of the following steps to get
> these packages reviewed for inclusion in Universe?

The Ubuntu Packaging Guide would probably be the best resource for you
as it is installed on 6.06 and 6.10 by default. In Gnome you can find it
in System -> Help -> System Documentation and in KDE it's in the KDE
help. The HowToBuildDebianPackagesFromScratch should be obsolete and
I'm planning on cleaning up the packaging related wiki pages one of
these days.

Basically, once you have a source package built and signed with your gpg
key you want to upload it to REVU ( The process has
changed a little bit since the Dapper version of the Ubuntu Packaging
Guide so you should probably check out for more up-to-date

Make sure that you are uploading a gpg signed source package (debuild -S
-sa and dput revu *_source.changes should help) and that the package
isn't already on REVU.

Thanks for your intrest in contributing to Universe and I hope to see
your packages soon on REVU.

-Jordan Mantha

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