[ubuntu-marketing] Accounting/Bookkeeping software (was Re: Ubuntu software packages)

Eldo Varghese poningru at ufl.edu
Mon Sep 25 18:16:39 BST 2006

Actually the reason Quasar isn't included in the repositories is simply 
because no one has packaged it. Quasar is released under the GPL [0] so 
there would be no problem with including it in the repositories. CCing 
the motu.
- Eldo

[0] http://www.linuxcanada.com/faq.shtml

john levin wrote:
> Stan Jordan wrote:
>> I have just one concern with Ubuntu ( which I love...both the software 
>> and the philosophy) which is, if Ubuntu is to be used by 
>> micro/small/medium sized business, which I would suggest represents a 
>> huge number of people worldwide, why is there no bookkeeping/accounting 
>> software listed in the download repository. This is the absolutely 
>> essential tool of any business, and without it all of these thousands of 
>> businesses cannot change to Ubuntu as there is nothing in the Ubuntu 
>> repository they can use. Grisbi is on the list, but is only for personal 
>> finance. Open source accounting software, Debian based, is available. ( 
>> Quasar, being one example ) I see people trying to install this on 
>> Ubuntu and the problems they are experiencing from the Ubuntu/Quasar 
>> blog. I am at a complete loss to understand why this very large and 
>> important segment of the market that Ubuntu could easily exploit to 
>> promote the OS is being totally ignored. People like myself are forced 
>> to use Suse or Linspire to get this type of software as a simple 
>> download/install.
>> Please have someone in your organisation explore this area of software 
>> which would lead to a huge increase in the number of Ubuntu devotees.
> I presume the reason that Quasar isn't in the Ubuntu repositories, is 
> due to licensing. I can't find it in the Debian repos either.
> Accounting software is one of those black holes in the free software 
> world, all the worse for being essential to many, and is additionally 
> complicated by the need for localized variations, due to differences in 
> tax regimes etc. As such, it's really something that Canonical/Ubuntu 
> should take a leadership role in.
> Not sure this list is the place to discuss this; I'm cc'ing the 
> developers list about this.
> And we should ask SABDFL what he uses ;)
> John

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