getting fixed version of mit-scheme into universe

Chris Hanson cph at
Tue Oct 10 17:45:41 BST 2006

Stefan Potyra wrote:

> Unfortunately that's the exact problem: Unlike debian, we cannot upload binary 
> packages to ubuntu. Because of this, bootstrapping has to be done by a 
> buildd-admin. This also means, that there usually will be some delay between 
> a new sourcepackage is synced from debian and the bootstrapping will have 
> been done in ubuntu. Adam, what do you suggest?

OK, so I have to wait until a buildd-admin can do something about this.
 Is there anything further I should do, or should I just wait?

> However if you are interested in "maintaining" your packages in ubuntu (we 
> don't have that strong package<->maintainer relationship; anyone can change 
> any package, though many ppl. also have their pet packages), you would of 
> course be warmly welcomed :). Also the entry-barrier for DD's to become 
> ubuntu-developers is much lower for obvious reasons.

I'm not sure what kind maintenance would require here.  I'm happy to
handle bug reports and answer support questions for any of those
packages.  On launchpad, there's a way to register to support a
particular package in a particular release -- is there anyway to say
I'll support a particular package in _any_ (recent) release?

> Thanks for telling us about the problem and big thanks for your debian and 
> upstream work.

You're entirely welcome.  And thanks for your work on ubuntu!

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