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Zach Tibbitts zach at
Wed Nov 29 16:37:39 GMT 2006


I'm one of two developers of the Deluge bittorrent client (the other being
kripkenstein, who developed the python-libtorrent backend), which as of
today, shows up in feisty's universe repository.  I mainly wanted to say
thanks for packaging it and putting it in the repos, but there are a few
more things I'd like to ask, and I hope this is a proper place to do so.
(The only contact information I saw for MOTU is this list and IRC, and my
questions seemed a bit long for IRC).

First off, we did release 0.4 tarballs yesterday (0.3.1 is in the repo now)
so I don't know if you'd want to update the package.

Also, I was wondering if there was a particular reason you bundled
python-libtorrent into the deluge-torrent deb?  We've been trying to keep
the two projects separate enough so that other developers could use
python-libtorrent in their own applications, which is why the debs we've
released have been separated into python-libtorrent and deluge (which
depends on python-libtorrent).

Probably my biggest question, is how exactly did you go about building the
package?  I'm about to apt-get source it to look at exactly what you did,
but until now, the packages I've built have been very simplistic, with
everything in a folder under /usr/lib and a simple script under /usr/bin to
change into that directory and run it.  I know this isn't the "proper" way
the files should be distributed, but I'm new at building packages.  If I
could learn a way to automate the process of building debian packages a
little better, I'd appreciate it.

Lastly, and this is sort of an odd question (again, I'll probably poke
around to figure it out myself), when looking at the files included in your
deb, I noticed a file: /usr/lib/deluge-torrent/python2.5/Python_libtorrent-
0.3.0-py2.5.egg-info, and I was wondering what that file was.  I know what a
Python .egg file is, and we have discussed using them for a Plugin system,
but nothing in 0.3 used them.  This is purely a curiosity.

Some of our more loyal users had encouraged me to contact MOTU to get Deluge
into the repos, and I was planning on doing that once Deluge became more
stable, probably around our 0.5 or 0.6 release (we've started on
0.5already, which is a complete code rewrite from
0.4, which should result in a nice performance improvement), but you guys
seem to have found it anyway, so thanks for noticing us.

This email wound up being more long winded that I intended it to be, but as
this is my first really "big" software project, I tend to get over
enthusiastic about it.

Thanks for reading,

Zach Tibbitts
zach at
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