dmraid in Ubuntu, specifically feisty

Richard Bailey rmjb at
Wed Nov 29 13:35:25 GMT 2006

Hello MOTUs,

I've been trying my best to get a version of dmraid into Ubuntu universe
that works with Edgy for a long time. I'm trying the route now of getting
the updated working version into feisty's archive then requesting a
backport. But for the life of me I can't get the sync request for dmraid
into feisty to be carried out. I don't know why but it seems no one is even
bothering with dmraid.

I've created a sync request here:

since the latest debian version of dmraid incorporates the ubuntu specific
changes, but it's not being okayed. I know dmraid is not a package that has
ultra-wide use, but it's been broken since July/August and still not fixed.

Any assistance anyone can give on this will be greatly appreciated, not only
by me, but by all the users of FakeRAID that have been burned in the Edgy
cycle of Ubuntu.

If the sync request needs anything else before being acked please let me
know, I am willing and trying to work on this myself but I've reached the
end of my capability as a MOTU Hopeful.

- Regards,
Richard Bailey
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