new poll for MOTU work coordination

Jordan Mantha mantha at
Thu Feb 16 06:18:53 GMT 2006


  At today's MOTU meeting [1] sistpoty brought up an item about adding
some coordination to the MOTU work. The point is to avoid duplication of
work and allowing for an overview of what work is being done and who is
doing it. Also in my mind (as a MOTU wannabe) I think it would be
helpful for wannabes to get there work noticed and applied. As only a
few MOTUs were around to vote on options it was decided to open a MOTU
poll [2]. The poll should open on the 16th at 12:00 UTC time. It will be
open for a week. It should be open to all members of the motu LP team.
The three options I have for voting are:

no coordination: "If it isn't broke, don't fix it" No changes will be
made from the current process which I would summarize as using IRC and
individual wiki pages to follow and coordinate work.

wiki + bug reports: This would include a wiki page that MOTUs (and
wannabes) could put current work. Bug reports would be filed and linked
to this page. This would be one wiki page for merges, syncs, unmet deps,
FTBFS, etc. [3] is an example of this coordination.

bugs + list on : This would involve modifying the code
on tiber that was used to generate the merge lists to search for some
string ("motu" ?) in bug report subject lines. This would probably be
the easiest in terms of use but sistpoty noted that it might be more
prone to errors. It also involves effort to modify the current code.

Ok, so that is all I wanted to say, other than MOTUs should feel free to
modify the poll up until it opens at 12:00 UTC on the 16th.




[3] has been created for
this purpose

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