debian/watch and sourceforge

Matthew Palmer mpalmer at
Wed Feb 15 20:51:52 GMT 2006

On Wed, Feb 15, 2006 at 11:33:29AM +0000, Kenny Duffus wrote:
> What is the correct url to use in debian/watch for a sourceforge hosted 
> project?  Everyone seems to have a different answer:

Either this one:

> dcfldd-([\d.]*).tar.gz

or this one:

> dcfldd-(.*).tar.gz debian 
> uupdate

Reason being that SourceForge keep futzing around with their download
manager, and rather than have a thousand watch files scream everytime
SourceForge get a new "brainwave", we just adjust one script (sf.php) and
life goes on.

Actually, I hadn't heard of lolando's script before, and have only used
qa.d.o's script.  I'd bank on the qa.d.o one, since it's more than just a
single dev who might be able to fix it.  <grin>

Of course, at this point, someone needs to pipe up that LaunchPad has a bug
filed against it for *this* *very* *feature*, so we should all just wait
until someone with The Blessing implements it...

- Matt

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