Version of Speex

Jean-Marc Valin Jean-Marc.Valin at
Sat Feb 11 22:59:18 GMT 2006


I'm the author of Speex and have noticed 1.1.6 is still being included
in Ubuntu. Considering that 1.1.6 is an old version on the unstable
branch and that it has several bugs, I really think a later version
( or 1.1.12 which I will release this week) should be

Here are some of the bugs in 1.1.6:

1) Infinite loop in the encoder. This only affects the CLI encoder
(speexenc), but not libspeex itself. When the input is a wav file,
speexenc continues to read past the end of file, without stopping.

2) Unstable (in the signal processing sense) encoding. I have discovered
that some unusual signals (e.g certain sinusoids) could trigger an
instability problem in the encoder. When that happens, at best the
encoded file cannot be seeked, but it may happen that just playing it
results in NaNs and no audio at all. Note that unlike #1, this bug
affects libspeex itself.

3) Incorrect terminator bits. When an application tries packing multiple
frames in a packet, the terminator bits are appended incorrectly.

But #1 is fixed in 1.1.7, bug #2 is fixed in 1.1.8 and bug #3 is fixed
in 1.1.11.


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