"official" MOTU projects (was: Morgue for MOTU ?)

Reinhard Tartler siretart at tauware.de
Sat Feb 11 11:18:26 GMT 2006

Stephan Hermann wrote:
> Debian, as the opposite, waits for other people to find out, if I'm interested 
> or not. To be honest, I wouldn't rely on others statement, when they are 
> writing emails to mailinglists and stating that I'm not interested in my 
> packages anymore. It could be, e.g., that they didn't have my new email 
> address, and they are writing to someone else. 

I think you have a flawed impression on how Debian actually works. 

>> > That's right, and that's the reason why "volunteer only distribution"
>> > will never succeed. Debian (as volunteer only org) will never see
>> > officially supported commercial apps, but Ubuntu/Progeny/insert your
>> > favorite (semi-commercial) debian derivative here, will see them.
>> I think it shocking that a developer of a free GNU/Linux distribution
>> considers "official support of proprietary applications" a well-suited
>> indicator for measuring success.
> Well, do you think that companies like RedHat or Novell are just surviving 
> with open-source? Or are they surviving, because they deliver something for 
> other commercial applications like Oracle, SAP, IBM?
> Wake Up pls. OpenSource is not only doing some development on a project. 
> Without the money they earn with supporting commercial applications, no 
> project would survive. And yes, this is mostly forgotten by people who don't 
> want to see the real world. The real world is "without money no opensource".

What do you earn from working as ubuntu volunteer? Nothing? 

Sorry, your argumentation is fundamentally flawed.

> Seriously speaking, since I started to work for MOTU, that's in April 2006 one 
> year, I saw some people working, and they were really good. One release 
> later, they disappeared, because of several reasons. It was sad to see that 
> they don't work with us anymore, but am I bothered? No. The work on Universe 
> will continue, everybody is giving so much time he/she has and is willing to 
> give. 

I am not bothered but rather concerned when a good developer stops
working in universe. He does have his reasons, sure, but it does mean
that less work can be done on the distribution I work on.

> PS: I think we close this thread here, it's totally offtopic. If you want to 
> discuss this matter further, please change to private email.

I don't think so. This thread is becoming more and more interesting,
because we are talking about subjects we did not discuss yet. I think
they are important for the MOTU group nevertheless, because of the
possible impact it has regarding new contributors who have to decide if
they want to join ubuntu or not. 

(For me the primary reason why I work in ubuntu are the fellow
developers. I'd like to learn about their views how and why we do the
work we do.)


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