Stefan Potyra sistpoty at ubuntu.com
Fri Feb 10 00:05:18 GMT 2006

Hi List and Gauvain,

I just noticed, that Gauvain filed some bugs w. debdiffs regarding 
ocaml-packages to malone, please don't upload these (blindly) yet.

Unfortunately upstream version freeze hit us in the middle (or beginning?) of 
unstable's ocaml-transition to a new upstream version of the ocaml-compiler.

ocaml packages need to have a strict dependency, since different upstream 
versions of the compiler may lead to incompatible libraries (see [1], Section 

What needs to be done:

a) find out, which packages aren't transitioned yet
b) find out, in which order these packages can be transitioned (build-depends 
will need to be transitioned, before a package can be transitioned).
c) Adjust build-dependencies and/or dependencies where these are hardcoded, 
and upload in a way that hopefully no dep-wait's will occur.

Gauvain, would you like to do this analysis and eventually provide debdiffs?
If so, please send the analysis to the list. If you have debdiffs as well, you 
can just send these to me (or attach them to bugs and send me a mail with 
bug-numbers), and I'll care for uploading.

[1]: http://pkg-ocaml-maint.alioth.debian.org/ocaml_packaging_policy.txt

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