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I'm fine with almost any date till then :)

Juste a quick note on REVU for more efficient reviews:

As most of you know (well I've advertised quite a bit), I have
improved revu-build into a set of tools called REVU-Tools. They can be
called by REVU admins on tiber, from within the directory containing
the package files (dsc, orig.tar.gz, diff.gz), by simply running

When there is a debian/watch file in the package, revu-report will try
and get the upstream tarball automagically. However, when this is not
the case, you can specify it as the first argument given to
revu-report, after having downloaded the upstream tarball manually.

The tool generates reports in the current directory, including a full
report called REVU_report. All can be viewed from the REVU web

So if you want this report to review a package, you need to provide a
REVU admin with :
* the name of the package you wish to get a report on
* the url to the upstream tarball, unless there's a working
debian/watch in the package

For more infos, see .



On 2/9/06, Daniel Holbach <daniel.holbach at> wrote:
> Hello everybody,
> as some of you might have noticed: February 23rd is *THE* day - it'll be
> Feature Freeze - that's the latest day to get NEW packages in.
> We have to have at least one REVU day before hand - please agree on a
> data quickly, please everybody state a day to make this really happen.
> I think we owe such a day to all the eager MOTU wannabes and we'll make
> the Dapper experience much nicer for our users.
> I'll be busy with a new GNOME on the start of next week and the 17th
> will be a HUG DAY, but that doesn't rule out REVU days completely, just
> as my suggestion.
> Have a nice day,
>  Daniel
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