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Raphaël Pinson raphink at
Sat Feb 4 01:02:12 GMT 2006

Hello fellow MOTUs,

Since I have based most of my work on reviewing packages so far, I
have been interested in improving the tools on REVU, so that it would
be possible to review a package entirely without having to use the
console more than once.

I have noticed that the main reasons to use the console to review
packages were the following:
1) pbuilding the package
2) running a `debuild && debuild -S -sa` test for diff
3) comparing the md5 sums of the orig and upstream tarballs
4) checking the diff -ru of the untared orig and upstream tarballs if
the md5 sums are different

1) is already achieved by revu-build on tiber. All other ones were
lacking and had me get the files and my console on my machine.

So I got to work to try and automatize all this.

The result is a set of script, that I have added to the REVU svn
(revu1 so far) and are waiting to be added to REVU. These scripts can
be found at .

When well set (sorry, haven't made a doc yet ...), running revu-report
with two arguments (the dsc and the upstream tarball) will generated a
few files and a full report.

As examples, this is the report that it created with a dirty package :
and this is what was created with a rather clean one :

I'm sure the reviewers of you see the use of such a tool : almost all
the reviewing that is left can be checked by browsing the source
packages on REVU.

Note: there is still a need for a tool to check for the pre-existence
of identical/similar packages in other sources (Debian,,
etc.), and for a tool to automatically get the upstream tarball if
that is ever possible to develop.

I'm looking forward to comments and suggestions on it :)


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Raphaël Pinson - raphink at
Ichthux - - Christian Linux Distribution

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