UVF-exception: bzrtools (installable again)

Stephan Hermann sh at sourcecode.de
Thu Feb 2 23:17:15 GMT 2006

Hi Gustavo, List :)

On Thursday 02 February 2006 20:24, Gustavo Franco wrote:
> Hi,
> Someone jumped the gun and imported the new bzr 0.7. The fact is that
> bzrtools 0.6 worked well with bzr 0.6 (both were on Dapper)
> conflicting with >> bzr 0.7 . I've just uploaded the new bzrtools 0.7,
> that works with bzr 0.7 to Debian. It's sitting in our incoming[0]
> right now and will hit our archives in the next dinstall run.
> [0] = http://incoming.debian.org/

I second this decision. I'm running bzr/bzrtools 0.7 for a while since Jeff 
Bailey had it in his daily snapshot archive. Without even looking (because I 
looked very early), this jump has to be made, and as Daniel said, we can sync 
this quite easily (hoping for a nice little up2date "How to sync with soyuz" 
FAQ after friday :))



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