MOTU-SRU report, W51

Stefan Potyra sistpoty at
Wed Dec 20 00:27:56 GMT 2006

Hi folks,

first of all, there have been more changes to the SRU-policy, but none were 

* Jordan Mantha pointed out, that if a MOTU sponsors a non-MOTU with an SRU 
request, the MOTU still needs to make sure that the package in question 
builds and will work, even if the whole motu-sru team gave their 
acknowledgement already. He also clearified that in the SRU-policy, thanks!

As a side note: It's highly appreciated, if a non-MOTU finds a sponsor/mentor 
that will do uploads throughout the *whole* sru-process instead of just one 
upload to proposed.

* since main uses a nicer versioning scheme, we'll follow that one as well: 
Please append a ~proposedX (or ~propX) to the version for proposed. 

	foo in edgy, version 
would thus become

nice, isn't it?

Ok, and finally, a call from me: 
Please fix your packages in feisty *first* before calling for an SRU. Thanks.

I'd also like to point to these two bugs, which would be sru-ready, if someone 
would adopt them:

After this anouncements, here comes the fun, i.e. requests handled in the last 
two weeks:
 * good to go to -proposed
 * this was good to go to -proposed, but iirc never uploaded. The initial
   reporter however found, that the patch may fix another issue, but not
   the one he described.
 * ready to go to -proposed
 * in proposed, needs testing
 * ready to go to proposed
 * ready to go to proposed
 * sitting on proposed's front door
 * sitting on proposed's front door, incarnation 2
 * sitting on proposed's front door
 * sitting on proposed's front door
 * ready to go to proposed, or waiting on its front door.
 * needs more votes
 * ready to go to proposed, or already on its front door
 * sitting on proposed's front door

Still reading? Good, because I've spared the best:
This is the first update that's made it under the motu-sru policy. Woohoo!

Seeing the progress done on the sru's will leave my just one final comment: 
You totally rock! Thanks for all your efforts and keep on fixing bugs ;)

   the motu-sru team.
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