Need help packaging MMS (My Media System) and get it into ubuntu

Roman Müllenschläder info at
Wed Dec 20 11:15:26 GMT 2006

Hi there!

For over 3 years now I work on a project named MMS (see:

It's a multimedia system running with several input and output devices (SDL, 
Dxr3, FF-DVB), providing Audio, Pictures, Movie, Games, TV, EPG ...

For now it only was available if one compiles it ...

So now we realy would like to see it as part of debian/buntu.

I started packaging but am new to packaging at all ;)

So here's my wish:

Is someone here willing to help packaging and show me a way on how to get it 
into buntu?

I wrote a mail to one of the multimedia-mentors already but did not get an 
answer ;(

My main focus right now is to get MMS packaged ... there are some questions 
coming up regarding this.
Getting it into buntu could be second step!

Anyone here willing to help?

A testing deb and the corresponding sources could be downloaded from


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