azureus seems to be dead and broken in edgy eft...

Stefan Potyra sistpoty at
Thu Dec 14 13:00:08 GMT 2006

Hi Steffen,

Am Mittwoch 13 Dezember 2006 21:24 schrieb Steffen Mutter:
> Hi there!
> I  use only the sun-java stuff (even before it became GNU) and in the
> past everything went fine, all other java based programs run well, but
> azureus starts up and - nothing.
> That's not the way it should be, I suppose and if you are interested,
> I'd send you a strace output of what's happening.
> Besides that you could check it out on your own, starting azueus on an
> edgy eft 386  machine, I did this now on all machines I own (6) and it
> seems to me that azureus is a broken package?
> Any help appreciated...

could you please file a bug on launchpad against azureus [1]? Also, there are 
some bugs filed already [2]. Could you take a look if your problem is the 
same as a bug already filed? If so, it would be nice if you could 
subscribe/add more comments to the existing one. Please also make sure to 
include the package version of azureus.


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