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Stefan Potyra sistpoty at
Wed Dec 6 09:37:56 GMT 2006

Hi Daniel,

Am Mittwoch 06 Dezember 2006 08:38 schrieb Daniel Holbach:
> Hello Stefan,
> thanks a lot for the report. You guys do an awesome job!


> Am Dienstag, den 05.12.2006, 22:02 +0100 schrieb Stefan Potyra:
> > And now the list of bugs we handled/are handling:
> > ...
> if I counted correctly there were 5 requests that were invalid. I expect
> us to do better. I really don't want to make it harder to file a -sru
> request or want people to frighten into not doing it, but please make
> sure:
>       * you have all the information at hand,
>       * the patch is minimal,
>       * you tested the package.
> I'm very happy with our SRU team and I wouldn't like them to get
> hammered with lots of request that are just work and don't lead to
> packages with good fixes in -updates.
> If you're unsure, let somebody have a look.

I don't see this as a real problem right now. The ratio of "good" sru-request 
to bad sru-requests is still very good (see below). Taking a closer look at 
the rejected sru-requests, we got the following:

* 3 requests without needed info 
I guess these kind of requests will go away, once the process is more 

The real work of motu-sru for such a request is approx. 1 Minute, leaving a 
comment and unsubscribing.

* 1 request which didn't result in a working package.
Well, this is a bummer though. Not because of the work the sru-team needs to 
do, but rather because we don't build/test packages. We basically found out 
about the state of the updated version more or less by accident, and this 
makes me a little bit nervous...

Overall it's still your responsibility to make sure that the update works for 
you and that it's in a compilable state. (As you should always test-build 
packages you upload anyways and test stuff if you fix a bug).

* 2 requests which would have been too invasive (one from me btw.)
Both requests had all the info present for us to (quickly) determine wether 
they are in shape for -updates. So not really much work here as well. 
Basically I'd put these requests in the catagory "discuss a proposal", so 
there was nothing wrong with them.

* 10 good-looking/accepted/in consideration/in good shape sru-requests, where 
the real work from the sru-team lies.

Looking at the numbers, the signal ratio is 12/16 for valid requests and 10/16 
for good requests, which I'd say is pretty awesome!

Good work folks and keep on fixing bugs ;).

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