MOTU-SRU-Report, w49

Daniel Holbach daniel.holbach at
Wed Dec 6 07:38:42 GMT 2006

Hello Stefan,

thanks a lot for the report. You guys do an awesome job!

Am Dienstag, den 05.12.2006, 22:02 +0100 schrieb Stefan Potyra:
> And now the list of bugs we handled/are handling:
> ...

if I counted correctly there were 5 requests that were invalid. I expect
us to do better. I really don't want to make it harder to file a -sru
request or want people to frighten into not doing it, but please make

      * you have all the information at hand,
      * the patch is minimal,
      * you tested the package.

I'm very happy with our SRU team and I wouldn't like them to get
hammered with lots of request that are just work and don't lead to
packages with good fixes in -updates.

If you're unsure, let somebody have a look.

Thanks go out to everybody who worked on fixes for the stable release.
You guys rock!

Have a nice day,

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