Package requires w32codecs to work

Hubert Figuiere hub at
Sun Dec 3 22:15:39 GMT 2006

Richard Bailey wrote:
> Hello, I'm packaging a video converter for portable media players named
> iriverter. The REVU page is here:
> (btw, if any MOTU wants to
> review it feel free :).
> My question is, this package, which is GPL'ed, depends on mplayer and
> mencoder which are in multiverse, so I was informed that it would have
> to go
> into multiverse, but it would need w32codecs to work since it's converting
> video. Can a package like this make it into ubuntu at all? Even multiverse?
> Or should I submit it to Seveas for his repositories or the PLF?

As long as it does not depend on w32codecs (which is illegal to
redistribute shall I remind people), it can make it to the repositories.

There are universe package that depends on mplayer...


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