science package work for Hardy

Andrea Colangelo warp10 at
Sat Jan 26 21:41:38 GMT 2008

Jordan Mantha ha scritto:
> It's great to get new packages from Debian in, but we need to make sure
> that they have OK licenses to go into Ubuntu. I know several on the "Not
> in Hardy" list are there because Ubuntu doesn't want them. We might be
> able to put them in Multiverse though. I always check the "Section:"
> part of PTS ( for non-free, etc. I know one of
> the packages on the list, python-scipy-core, was removed from Ubuntu
> because it's been replaced by python-numpy.

I always double check dependencies, copyright, changelog, bugs reported
in BTS and LP, then I try to build the packages in a clean pbuilder
environment before requesting a sync. I *really* do not like when my
sync/merge/debdiff are rejected for stupid and predictable reasons :-)

That's why there are still 13 packages pending in that list for which I
did not request a sync. For example, embassy-domainatrix and
embassy-domalign FTBFS, dialign-t-doc has licensing issues and could not
even land in Multiverse, octave3.0 has a transition in progress and so on.

Some of the syncs I requested so far are in multiverse now. I don't like
that, but at least we can say that Ubuntu user can install and use such

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