science package work for Hardy

Jordan Mantha mantha at
Sat Jan 26 19:53:42 GMT 2008

Morten Kjeldgaard wrote:
> On 14/01/2008, at 22.59, Jordan Mantha wrote:
>> Thanks to William Grant (Fujitsu) we have a nice page that tracks the
>> Ubuntu and Debian versions of science packages [0]. In particular, the
>> "Outdated in Hardy (Sid version > Hardy version)" [1], "Outdated in
>> Hardy (Sid version > Hardy version), and Hardy has local changes" [2],
>> and "Not in Hardy" [3] sections are ones that we should be looking at.
> I am wondering how that page is generated? I have contributed 3 science
> packages to hardy which are in the repositories, but not in the list. I
> know they are in hardy and not in Debian, because I have only started
> working on getting them in there. The packages are mustang, theseus and
> btk-core.

Well, it's a bit tricky actually. Scientific packages are spread out
throughout the archive. The current script takes all the packages in the
science, math, and electronics sections. The tricky part is that we then
 just add in packages from other sections that we know to be scientific.
We're currently doing that by adding ~motuscience as a bug contact for
the packages.

>> We should be looking particularly for packages that have new upstream
>> versions or new Debian revisions that fix bugs. If anybody has questions
>> feel free to ask here, ubuntu-motu or #ubuntu-motu on IRC.
> It would be good to catch up, but do we need DIF exceptions for that?

I guess technically yes, but a DIF exception is just a matter of a MOTU
willing to sponsor the sync/upload so it's trivial. We *should* be doing
it up until Feature Freeze at least.

> I also think some packages are more important than others. Packages,
> that only have increment in release number are less interesting IMO.
> Packages that have new features or bug fixes are more interesting. Could
> we perhaps have a list on the wiki, where we can have a prioritized list
> that we can sign on to do the work, so we don't double?

Yes, it would be great if we made a TODO wiki page. The first thing is
to list all the packages we want to get done, then we can attack it :-)


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