Aegisub and AVSFilter

Rickard Närström rickard.narstrom at
Sun Mar 28 09:12:25 BST 2010

I have for some time now managed a PPA with Aegisub [1] and dose intend
to get it into Universe. Still it has a few issues; most notable it
depends on snapshots from trunk of ffmpeg. For this reason I don't think
we will get anything in Universe until ffmpeg 0.6 is released.

It was also suggested to me that we should try to make packages for
AVSFilter [2], for this I need some help and suggestions. AVSFilter is a
avidemux [3] plug-in filter used to run AviSynth [4] scripts, this is
accomplished with the help of wine and a win32 installation of AviSynth
in the wineprefix. The whole setup is a little bit complicated but is
described in detail at [5].

Both AVSFilter and AviSynth is FOSS but intended to be compiled with
Microsoft Visual C compiler. This make it legally impossible to build
the software in the Launchpad build farm. Is there any way around this?
Could we use binaries provided by upstream? Note that the upstream .exe
installer for AviSynth works without any problems in wine, is it ok to
require the user to use this method to install AviSynth and only provide
packages for AVSFilter?

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