Aegisub and AVSFilter

Rickard Närström rickard.narstrom at
Sun Mar 28 18:37:55 BST 2010

mån 2010-03-29 klockan 02:11 +0900 skrev Nikita Kavun:
> > is it ok to
> > require the user to use this method to install AviSynth and only
> provide
> > packages for AVSFilter?
> I see it approximately as avysinthc-installer package include:
> 1. Dependence by Wine
> 2. Installation script who download exe and run it for current user
> Wine installation - run script when installation process for current
> user it's not a problem, right?
> 3. Also shortcut in Menu to make possible install AviSynth for other
> users on the computer.
> So I think is best, what we can do in this situation, and, yes, it's
> ok.

I'm afraid what you suggest is not possible, post- and pre-installation
scripts is always run as super user (root) and it would be imposable for
us to know which user initialized the installation.

Any installation scripts in a package most additional to this be
(optionally) non-interactive and not dependent on a running X
environment so running the AviSynth installer would not be possible.

Yes, it would be possible to develop a script and provide a package
avisynth-installer, however doing so is not trivial and will still
require that the user actively choose to install AviSynth from the menu
after the installer package is installed. I don't think the benefit
match the amount of work developing something like that involves.

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