How to maintain an upstream package with bzr?

James Westby jw+debian at
Tue Aug 11 09:32:39 BST 2009

Juan Jesús Ojeda Croissier wrote:
> Well, my problem is that I'm don't know (and I've been reading and
> searching a lot the last 3 weeks) how is the proper way to do it.
> I'll explain myself... Before we had a bad version style, we were
> versioning the packages as a native packages (0.1.3 or 1.0.2guada2).
> That was really easy for us and our buildding system (a buildbot with
> some home made hooks) was working fine. The problem show up when we
> change the version to non-native package (0.1.3-1 or 1.0.2-2). Then
> lintian cry about the "debian/watch" file or a "get-orig-source"
> target at "debian/rules" file. Also de dpkg-buildpackage ask for a
> *.orig.tar.gz file which doesn't exist...


Sorry for the late reply.

Why do you feel the need to change the version number to a non-native
version? It sounds to me like you have a native package, and so there
is no need to try and create a tarball.



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