#188666 - Java DB for Ubuntu/Hardy [Re: Netbeans packaging for Ubuntu]

Stefan Potyra sistpoty at ubuntu.com
Tue Feb 5 19:43:05 GMT 2008


Am Dienstag 05 Februar 2008 19:44:24 schrieb Lars Heill:
> I have tried, but there seems to be a local networking issue with my
> build host not recognizing revu.tauware.de.  I hope to have that resolved
> tomorrow.
> Is there any way I can feed dput through a proxy or some other protocol
> than ftp, some other port?  

sparky (revu's host) is only accepting ftp connections on port 21, and opening 
other ports is unfortunately not possible (sparky is sitting in a restricted 
network, where only selected ports are not firewalled).

However you could try to upload it to a PPA (which I guess is however also 
only possible via ftp), or if the package is small enough, ask someone to 
upload it for you and send it to him/her by mail. (Though I also guess that 
netbeans will be rejected by most MTA's, due to the size of the tarball).

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