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Andres E. Rodriguez Lazo andreserl at
Tue Aug 5 19:21:02 BST 2008

Hi all,

I think I haven't made myself understand. Yes it is better to have an
expected timeframe than an specific schedule (that's what i really ment).

On the other hand, I do feel that having a specific task lists is required.
In every learning process (could be a career, a course, a certification
program, Master, PhD, etc.) there is a list of things that should be covered
(for example, in a certification program you follow a book, and on each
chapter you have excercises), and students may find them interesting or not,
since everyone has different tastes for things and every student might like
some things but dislike others.

So, since this is a mentoring program which tries to get people involved
with Ubuntu Development, I think that there should be a list of things that
must be covered through the process with specific tasks (excercises), so
that every mentee has a basic overview of the *Complete* Ubuntu development
process (And not just the things they would like to learn). After the
mentoring program has ended, each mentee can decided where they would like
to contribute in.

This way, we assure that every mentee has followed the same baseline, and
should know the same things, so that they can persue a greater goal, and
that is becoming a MOTU, but helping in their area of interest.


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