[ubuntu-mono] [Bug 596422] Re: Docky's pulsing animation does not fully disengage after urgency hint removed

Launchpad Bug Tracker 596422 at bugs.launchpad.net
Mon Aug 16 05:47:27 BST 2010

This bug was fixed in the package docky - 2.0.5-0ubuntu1

docky (2.0.5-0ubuntu1) lucid-proposed; urgency=low

  * New upstream release 2.0.5 "Be proud of your dock",
    changes include:
    + remove --debug flag from launcher for lower memory usage
    + update the about dialog credits to list documenters and make translation
      tab easier to read
    + change url in about dialog to the launchpad project page
    + Window-Matching
      - fix for applications commandline
      - properly match qt creator (LP: #594814)
      - prefer local over global launchers (LP: #588073) (LP: #592841)
      - match prefix for gksudo (LP: #516433)
      - fix nautilus items showing active indicator when desktop
        is focused (LP: #487113)
      - fix matching wine apps that use a prefixed launcher (LP: #596092)
    + Memory Leaks
      - dispose of calendar painter when the clock item is disposed
      - fix leak in AutoHideManager
      - several fixes using Cairo.Context.Target and Pango.Layout
      - fix leak in PagingPainters
      - fix leak in recursive file-deletion
      - fix leaking SeparatorItems, WnckDockItems
      - fix leaks with FileEmblems
      - fix Pixbuf related leaks
      - fix some leaks regarding FileMonitors
      - fix leaks regarding Tiles and AbtractTileObjects
      - fix leaking Glib.FileAdapter caused by unreferenced Action in
    + Handle invalid desktopfile entry and UriFormatException in
      FileApplicationProvider (LP: #595921)
    + fix potential crash for invalid HelperMetadata
    + handle drops correctly
    + fix handling of Helpers in HelperService
    + make the sliders in preferences behave better
    + fix drawing of rotated items
    + fix HoveredItem click-position
    + avoids fatal errors on console when loading embedded icons when no
      height or width is specified and when dock items have a null Icon
    + fix icon theme change not refreshing the dock icons (LP: #590205)
    + fix SVG rendering bug
    + fix iconsize temporarily getting large when adding to full dock
      (LP: #579576)
    + fix the 'crash in PinToDock' (LP: #588073)
    + make 3d background height more consistent and a tad larger (LP: #503038)
    + fix dragging multiple files to a folder on the dock, which caused
      a crash and data corruption (LP: #579049)
    + don't request animations if urgent state is removed from a window and
      fix glow location (LP: #596422)
    + fix window previews being offset (LP: #495065)
    + fix broken zoom after shrinking icon size (LP: #598924)
    + fix problem with hovers still visible when painters show
    + fix displaying default icon in place of missing file emblem (LP: #534651)
    + fix crash when gconf key for menus_have_icons is not set (LP: #573751)
    + make sure painters fit on screen (LP: #589978)
    + fix icon minimize animations not working immediately for some newly
      opened windows
    + don't dispose our static DockyItem
    + fix CurrentDesktopOnly not working when dragging a window across desktops
      (LP: #600290)
    + GMail:
      - fix thread-guards and remove deprecated code
      - fix problem with feeds that don't have an author entry (LP: #595530)
    + NPR: fix bug where removing your last NPR station unloaded the docklet
      and fix station icon
    + NetworkManager: fix crash caused when NM goes away
      and fix icons and add another fallback icon (LP: #588581)
    + Mounter:
      - fixed some leaks
      - only remove mounted items if they were successfully unmounted
        (LP: #597637)
      - fix duplicate icons showing in mounter (LP: #525306)
    + Weather: fix feels like temp showing incorrect for metric (LP: #597670)
    + RecentDocuments:
      - fixed some leaks
      - fix sensitivity of recent docs clear menu item - even if docky shows
        the list as empty does not mean it cant be cleared
 -- Rico Tzschichholz <ricotz at t-online.de>   Fri, 02 Jul 2010 10:26:00 +0200

** Changed in: docky (Ubuntu Lucid)
       Status: Fix Committed => Fix Released

Docky's pulsing animation does not fully disengage after urgency hint removed
You received this bug notification because you are a member of Ubuntu
CLI/Mono Uploaders, which is subscribed to docky in ubuntu.

Status in Docky: Fix Released
Status in “docky” package in Ubuntu: Fix Released
Status in “docky” source package in Lucid: Fix Released

Bug description:
  affects docky

Steps to reproduce:
1. Trigger the urgent hint of an inactive window (e.g. set focus
   prevention on and launch an application)
2. Immediately focus the application.
3. Note that the animation turns off (expected).
4. Check top/conky/gnome-system-monitor or whatever's output, and see
   Docky and Xorg's CPU usage continue to be high despite the animation
   having turned off.

If /apps/docky-2/ThemeController/GlowControl is set to a finite value,
Docky's and Xorg's CPU usage drops back to normal after the specified
seconds. Otherwise, if it is set to -1, the CPU usage continues to be
high until Docky is killed.

Kind regards,
Chow Loong Jin

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