Ubuntu-LB Ubuntu Presentation

Armageddon thyarmageddon at gmail.com
Mon Oct 5 19:30:36 BST 2009

I like the one Black Phantom offers but I have some comments on it.

> A brief about Linux,GNU,UNIX and what is a distrubtion in Linux and
listing the branches of UNIX

Linux and no other OS is a UNIX branche as UNIX	was and still is closed
source and still protected by a license ! all Linux distros and BSDs
called UNIX-Like OS cause they somehow work the same way but coded
differently from the original UNIX with more or less truth in this as
explaining the difference will take age anyway this should do it.

> How Ubuntu is different from Macintosh even though they are both from
the same family ( Unix )

Same idea as above !

> Legendary stability ( There's nothing called viruses in Ubuntu )

Not so professional to say that nor true, no viruses is they only use
the repos, but they might have a risk if they go compiling anything and
everything !

> How it won the marketing battle ( because there was no user-friendly
linux which Ubuntu now offers ) 

Again that's not the cause... so I'd prefer that we don't get into that
cause it's more into business work and not into our field of study... We
should see what's happening now and how to solve it not what already
happened !

> How to get ubuntu, ( Note: we can order a bunch of free CDs from
canoncial & distribute them to the viewers if its possible ) 

We have to get approved by the board first :) so we can do that locally
from our pockets or try to find ourselves a sponsor instead of what you
suggest, but fine with me.

It's good and had a lot of work into it, other these few comments I
agree on this one !

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