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Lun 18 Gen 2010 14:07:38 GMT

Il giorno lun, 18/01/2010 alle 14.35 +0100, Milo Casagrande ha scritto:
Questa  bella :)

In synaptic ho travato la descrizione di "brasero" che  questa:

Easy to use CD/DVD burning application where you can:
 * Burn, Copy and Erase CD/DVD
 * On-the-fly burning of CD/DVD
 * Append data to multisession CD/DVD
 * Burn Audio CD
 * CD-Text writing for Audio CD

Su launchpad invece  differente:

Brasero is a simple application to burn, copy and erase CD and DVD
media: audio, video or data. It features among other things:
* On-the-fly burning
* Multisession support
* On-the-fly conversion of music playlists in all formats supported by
* CD-Text writing

Solo per la cronaca ovviamente....


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