[Ubuntu-l10n-eng] [Bug 406626] Re: Deleted Items Folder inconsistently named in en_GB localization

Phil Bull philbull at gmail.com
Thu Aug 26 00:08:43 BST 2010

Hi folks,

This bug devolved into bikeshedding long ago. Consistency is the most
important consideration here, not the actual term that's used. It's
important that we make a choice and stick to it, ASAP. So, I'm sure that
alternative choices like "bin" would be just as good, and I'm sure
everyone has a wonderful justification for why their favourite term
should be used, but a decision has been made, and the approved term in
Ubuntu is now "Rubbish Bin". This term is clearly recognizable to
British English speakers (comment #64, thanks for working on this Alan),
and if you're really searching for justification then the addition of
the word "rubbish" should clarify the meaning of the term to non-
British-English speakers (notably, tech support workers).

*** Final decision: "Rubbish Bin". ***

Deleted Items Folder inconsistently named in en_GB localization
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