[ubuntu-ko] 번역팀 여러분 고맙습니다.

atie atie.at.matrix at gmail.com
Sat May 27 14:41:18 BST 2006

아래의 인용한 메일에서 보듯 우분투/쿠분투 번역에 관한 한은 한국어 번역팀이 일등을 하였군요.
번역팀 여러분, 고맙습니다. 그리고, 뿌듯해 합시다.


위의 페이지에서 번역된 문서의 HTML 버전과 PDF 버전을 볼 수가 있습니다. 

참고로, help.ubuntu.com은 문서화팀의 공식 웹 사이트 입니다. 

PDF 문서는 evince로 보는 것은 폰트 에러가 나는 듯 하고(확인 부탁 드립니다, 확인 후 버그 리포팅을 하겠습니다.), 

GTK_IM_MODULE=xim acroread desktopguide.pdf
이렇게 볼 수 있습니다. (acroread가 scim과 충돌이 일어나기 때문에...)

참, Xubuntu는 수분투로 번역을 하는 것이 좋을런지?

Date: Fri, 26 May 2006 21:31:51 +0100
From: Matthew East <mdke at ubuntu.com>
Subject: Plans for a translated documentation website
To: ubuntu-doc at lists.ubuntu.com, loco-contacts at lists.ubuntu.com,
        ubuntu-translators at lists.ubuntu.com
Message-ID: <1148675511.24330.10.camel at localhost>
Content-Type: text/plain; charset="us-ascii"

Hi all,

As you know, I've been uploading snapshots of translations of the
documentation onto a website at
http://help.ubuntu.com/6.06/index.cc.html (where cc is the language
code). (All of the translations have also been uploaded to Ubuntu,
Kubuntu and Xubuntu now!)

It's great to have localised web pages, but we need to think about which
languages we're going to host there. At the moment, only two languages
have at least all the Ubuntu documentation translated (Korean and
Swedish) and only one language (Korean) has both the Ubuntu _and_
Kubuntu documentation all translated. (Well done Korean translators!)
Lots of other languages have made amazing progress, but very few have
finished translating everything (understandably).

Obviously hosting partially translated documentation will result in bits
of English, and bits of the translated language, which doesn't look very

Hopefully, as time goes forward, more languages will be complete, but
for now, we need to think about which languages we want to host on the

Do we just go for everything that we have (even languages who have only
localised the frontpage, and none of the documents)? Do we only host
languages which have completed all of the documents? Or do we draw the
line somewhere in between? If so, where?

These are quite difficult questions I think, so I'd like to hear all
your feedback (translators, docteam, loco-contacts).

For the sake of sanity, please just email ubuntu-doc at lists.ubuntu.com,
not all the lists. Don't worry about subscribing if you don't want to,
we will moderate the emails as appropriate. 

mdke at ubuntu.com


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