Problem Euler 26

kinuthiA muchanE muchanek at
Wed Jul 2 17:37:24 BST 2008


Andrew, this is hideous, really trivial! Here we go:

from decimal import Decimal,getcontext # import the module because it is
not a standard module
getcontext().prec = 1000 # set the precision to 1000 places
a = Decimal("1") # the argument passed to the Decimal function has to be
a string 
h=983 # the guess!
b = Decimal(str(h)) # convert it  into a string
abStr = str(a/b)[2:] # slice the string to remove "0."

print abStr

I am sure you will find far, far erudite codes in all languages in the
thread for that question. Apparently, there is an known algorithm for
solving this particular problem, but do I say. But it seems I was not
alone in using bush logic in trying to solve the problem!!

As you might already know, python is a dynamically typed language( some
really pedantic types will also add strongly typed, because you cannot
use an integer as a string without converting it first, something you
can in a language like VB Script!!), you do not declare the data-types
of variables (like in C and Java), just assign values to variables and
off you go! You do not need even the $ sign to identify your variables
like Perl or php. They say python is very user friendly and at the same
time very powerful, and undoubtedly very readable. 

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By the way, Andrew, Miano how many problems have you solved on Project
Euler? I have solved a measly 33.


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