Please help (Kagwe Gichohi)

Arthur Simiyu arthursimiyu at
Mon Dec 15 12:28:14 GMT 2008

Hi Kagwe,

Happy holidays to you too.
When booting from the live cd, you should have a session started, during bootup do u pick any other options apart from the default?

Can you try running startx so as to have the GUI to start up



Merry Christmas everyone.

Kindly assist me on this one. I bought a new machine with vista home and I have
every intention of using Ubuntu on it. i would like to keep the windows though
and have managed to shrink the volume to create an unpartitioned space. When I
slot in my ubuntu CD that was mailed to me (version 7.10) and restarted the
machine, all I get is a command line. I havent the foggiest idea what to do with
it. Info on the net seems to suggest that the live CDs come with an installer
but I'm not sure how to get it to fire.

I have almost no experience with linux. I've only used it from time to time


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