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Sat Mar 3 08:34:31 GMT 2007

Hi Rachel,

Have a look at Ken's email to this list from earlier. If you need more
info, please read on:

Windows users:

1. Download Gaim. You have a choice of 1.5 or 2.0 but since the 2.0
betas have been stable for quite a while, its probably best to use it.
You can download it from:


The file you need is gaim-2.0.0beta6.exe

2. Install, then run GAIM.

3. Set up an account. To do this, do the following:

  3.1 In your (probably empty) buddy list, click on the menu item

  3.2 From the drop down, select Add/edit - a new box will appear

  3.3 Click the "add" button at the bottom of this box - another new box
will appear

  3.4 The first option, protocol is a drop down. Click on it and select

  3.5 Add whatever screen name you want (doesn't really matter at this

  3.6 Change "server" box to irc.freenode.net

  3.7 since you probably not have a registered nick on freenode, leave
password blank

  3.8 Use your screen name as an alias, if you want - or another name if
you prefer, it is not crucial.

  3.9 leave the settings in the advanced tab, just click "save"

4 Connect to freenode (this should happen automatically after account
set up. If it doesn't, just quit GAIM and restart it).

5. When you connect to freenode, a chat box will come up. You are
connected, but not yet in the room. To get to #ubuntu-ke, just type the

/join #ubuntu-ke

Then hit enter. You must use this syntax, or you'll end up who knows
where :)

6. You're there, so start chatting! You should now be in #ubuntu-ke. On
the right is a list of users in the room.

Ubuntu Users:

GAIM is part of the Ubuntu distro, so if you are using Ubuntu, just
follow the same steps, but don't bother downloading and installing (just
click "applications" on your tool bar and look at the programs under the
"internet" panel.

Other Linux users

I think GAIM comes with quite a few distros nowadays, but there are
other (simpler) IRC clients. Just load whichever one you have and follow
the instructions in it's help file. The basic principal is, connect to
irc.freenode.net and then "/join #ubuntu-ke" once you're there!

Sorry if this a bit over simplified, I have no idea what level user you

Cheers for now,


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> Hi
> How do I connect to the network or chat room on Sunday?Thanks
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