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David davehat at
Sun Mar 4 14:23:06 GMT 2007

Dear all,

I have just spent nearly two hours (since 3pm GMT+3) in #ubuntu-ke waiting
for people to show up for this weeks LoCo meeting. With the sole exception
zsh - the only other regular in #ubuntu-ke besides me - no one showed up.
There have been several emails to this list in the past week mentioning this
IRC meeting, as well as an email containing tips on how to connect to it.

I was hoping we'd get a good number of us at the meeting so we could
actually start getting things done. Today's no show is really disappointing
and it reinforces my feeling that time and enthusiasm I put into this group
is time and enthusiasm wasted. I am no longer sure that this team has a
future unless someone is willing to stand up and lead proactively.

The question is; is anyone here actually prepared to lead this group? Not
only that but are others prepared to follow such a lead?

If not, I suggest that perhaps we are not the people to be starting an
Ubuntu LoCo team in Kenya.

Thoughts anybody?


PS, I would rather keep this discussion on this list (for those unsure how
to do this, select "reply to all" or ensure that
ubuntu-ke at lists.ubuntu.comis in either the "to" or "cc" field). If you
would prefer it, I can transfer
this discussion to the forum ( and see if the wider
Ubuntu world has anything to add.
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