I think we've landed ourselves something

David Scannell davehat at gmail.com
Sat Feb 10 06:34:06 GMT 2007

Can we try and keep this discussion on list? 

Ken, Ronald, who ended up representing Ubuntu at the fair? Anyone? What
happened at the meeting? Anything positive?: 


On Tue, 2007-02-06 at 21:49 -0800, ronald odero wrote: 
> The expo begins today (feb 7th) and ends on 10th at KICC. Microsoft
> and the ministry of Info and Tech are sponsoring the event but from my
> understanding is that they ( especially MS) declined to sponsor any
> open source participants i.e. ubuntu and linuxchics.So this guy came
> in when he found for "us" google to sponsor our stands. Unfortunately
> after getting the sponsor he gave it to a certain lady (from
> linuxchicks, I suppose), to see into how ubuntu can also participate
> but she gave it to a differrent party to represent ubuntu (I'm still
> defeated to understand if it was a matter of she not being aware of us
> or she simply decided to ignore us). Actually, all these info was
> given to me by Ken coz I entrusted him with this. Anyway, from my
> understanding is that there is also going to be an open source meeting
> over there, so I'll hop in to check the stand and try to participate
> in the meeting. This guy, Tony White, has also subscribed to our
> mailing list.
> About the irc meeting, as I had told you we were four (zsh, ed tha
> slayer, ken and I). We just spent a good time knowing each other,
> promised to come to the expo, organise a LUG meeting and about getting
> edgy eft. The next meeting is in 2 weeks as we agreed.
> Cheers,
> Ronald.
> David Scannell <davehat at gmail.com> wrote:
>         Can we have an update on this Ronald? What's happening, Who is
>         this guy
>         and all that sort of stuff...
>         Cheers,
>         David
>         PS, sorry I missed the first national Irc chat on Sunday due
>         to delayed
>         flights. I heard there were a good few people present though.
>         Can
>         someone email the list with an outline of what was discussed
>         for those
>         of us who missed it. Also, when's the next one?
>         On Thu, 2007-02-01 at 21:35 -0800, ronald odero wrote:
>         > Hi all,
>         > I received this email this morning........................
>         > 
>         > Hi Ronald,
>         > I have been asked to find interested parties to support an
>         ubuntu
>         > stand at the upcoming ict expo at kicc.
>         > Google are sponsoring the event, and sending someone over
>         from the us,
>         > but we have to show some local support. 
>         > Please let me know if you, and/or others would be able to
>         help.
>         > Thanks,
>         > -- 
>         > Tony White 
>         > Speechnet Technologies Ltd 
>         > 
>         >
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