Hello Ubuntu Kenya Users

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Hi there! Nice to hear from you - and nice to hear of someone else using the
aspire 50xx series. I only have the lowly (older) 5020WLMi (ML-34 Turion),
but I have no sound problems. If you can give me a bit more info, I'll have
a probe around and see if I can find anything - I have (well, had - since
ironed out most of the kinks on my laptop a while ago) some good web
resources for Acer laptops and Linux installations.


Hopefully I can help you out!





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Hi Everyone,


Just wanted to introduce myself. I have been using Linux for almost twelve
years. Most of that time spent in the Slackware distribution. I started
using Ubuntu a couple of years ago on desktops at work and I'm very happy
with the way it has matured -- even though I'm not a Gnome fan. 


Like most of you, I'm sure, I've done my fair share of installations so can
help out if anyone has that need. I have VMWare machines to test installs.
My main machine is an Acer Aspire 5040 with a Turion 64 processor. I got
this machine a few months ago and haven't yet got sound working. If anyone
has solved sound on this machine, your assistance would be appreciated. I
have also installed Ubuntu on some Thinkpads, Dell Latitudes and a host of
desktops as well. My main area of interest is in applications using
php/mysql/python/apache/css although, I enjoy building custom Linux boxes. 


I'm based in Karen/Nairobi and can travel around the city if required to
help support open source and to promote Linux in Kenya.


Hope this becomes a very active and useful list for that purpose.


Andrew Mathenge


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