[ubuntu-jp] Xサーバーの設定

ikesan ikesan at basil.freemail.ne.jp
Mon Aug 7 15:13:17 BST 2006


On Mon, 07 Aug 2006 22:44:10 +0900
Masanori Kashiwazaki <mkasshy at nifty.com> wrote:

> 2.Xが立ち上がらない状態で、上記のような作業をせずにXサーバーの
>   セットアップをする方法はないのでしょうか?

#man xorg しますと

       Xorg [:display] [option ...]
 --- 中略 ----
               When this option is specified, the Xorg server loads  all  video  driver  modules,
               probes  for available hardware, and writes out an initial xorg.conf(5x) file based
               on what was detected.  This option currently has some problems on some  platforms,
               but  in  most cases it is a good way to bootstrap the configuration process.  This
               option is only available when the server is run as root (i.e, with real-uid 0).


 #Xorg -configure とすると /root/xorg.conf.new を作ってくれるものもありました。

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