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Khamis Siksek khamis.siksek at
Thu Jan 7 09:00:49 GMT 2010

Dear all,

EHS (Electronic Health Solutions) is still hiring people, we have several
openings for the following:

** Experienced C Programmers:

The type of people we need are hardcore system software developers who
program in C (and occasionally in assembly language) - it's the same type of
people who would work on operating system kernels, file system internals,
compilers, network stacks, etc.
Typical background is:

       * Master's degree in Computer Science (Bachelor's OK with appropriate
       * Extensive knowledge of data structures, algorithms; understanding
of complexity theory
       * System programming skills against a POSIX (UNIX/Linux) API
       * Excellent written and verbal technical English

** Fresh Graduates for the VistA Health Information System, basic knowledge
of computer science is required, Linux knowledge is a plus.

Please forward your CVs to my email account.

Best regards,

Khamis Siksek
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