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hi faisal,

excuse my ignorance, but what ddoes PSUT stand for? I am guessing a university or college?

best regards
Mohammed Al-shar'

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  I just returned from a visit to PSUT, and the results are rather mixed.

  1) I gave the GSoC lecture, and a very brief introduction into OSS, facing what I would rather call "mild indifference". Only two people wrote down the URL for the program.
  2) I sat with the dean, and he was extremely enthusiastic about hosting an Install fest.
  3) PSUT has IT students only, so they don't want the ubuntu course that we are giving. However, they are interested in giving LPI material. The student that I mentioned earlier, Samer Fanik, is giving linux courses and said he is willing to cover the LPI course. Maybe we need to coordinate with him?
  4) The dean requested lectures about any and all things open source. I volunteered to give a PHP course, and I'll start building the syllabus now. If anybody has any suggestions for courses, please share. Apache, MySQL, Python are all viable topics. We need topics and speakers.
  5) We also can give a "What is open source" lecture. Something along the lines of the lecture Khamis is giving before the course in JU.

  That's about it.

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