June Activity - REMINDER

Jad/Hakam madi Jad at Ubuntu.com
Tue Jun 10 07:57:25 BST 2008

Anyone up to June activity ?
This month we have interesting thing to do! we want to spread the word
about Ubuntu Linux between Computer shops especially those who install
FreeDOS when the customer decline paying for Microsoft License, They
do install FreeDOS because they don't know about Linux and they don't
know about Ubuntu.

We need the following resources in order to accomplish this task
1-) A straightforward Arabic and English flyer about Ubuntu and about
us as LoCo Team.
2-) Getting more information from Canonical about getting hardware certified.
3-)  Four Human beings to scan Al-Gardens street to distribute that flyer
4-) 500 CD to be distributed to those computer shops
5-) Insert your idea here

If you are interested and I'm sure you are , please list your name
below with the task you can participate in and the period you are free
in as we understand that many of you are university students and now
suffering the final exams.

 ## Name ####    Task #####
Jad                    Arabic & English Flyer
Jad                   Contacting Canonical
Jad                   one out of four required Human beings
Obada               distributing the flyer (13 - 28 of June)
Khamis              100 Ubuntu CD (burned)
Fadi                   100 Ubuntu CD (burned)
Jad                    120+ Ubuntu CD (burned)

Issa (Yugi) Are you up to design our flyers?

Your Freedom is worth more than you think. Take advantage of it while
you can.

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http://Nashmi.org/ Ubuntu Jordan LoCo
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