2021 IRC Council Election Results

rww rww at ubuntu.com
Tue May 25 14:34:25 UTC 2021

Hi all,

The 2021 IRC Council election is now concluded. The winning option is:

> Elect C de-Avillez (hggdh), Seth Arnold (sarnold), and Unit 193
> (Unit193) to the IRCC.

Congrats (or condolences? take your pick) to the winning candidates.

I've updated Launchpad to reflect the election results. Due to the
ongoing freenode->Libera transition work, I expect y'all will need
sarnold sooner rather than later, so I'm adding him now. The outgoing
IRCC members (me, el, Tm_T) will expire in about a week, on 2021-06-01.

el, Unit193, and hggdh, please update the IRC-side stuff (invexes,
ChanServ flags, etc.) and group registrations as needed if you haven't
already done so.


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