IRC Council Election Update

rww rww at
Thu Apr 22 00:35:00 UTC 2021

Hi everyone,

The nomination period for the upcoming Ubuntu IRC Council election ended
on the 19th. Thank you to everyone who applied. I hugely appreciate your
willingness to step forward :)

The Community Council has approved the following nominations for this

* hggdh

* Joseph Price (Pricey)

* Seth Arnold (sarnold)

* Unit 193 (Unit193)

Due to the difficulty of finding nominations for this election and
previous recent elections, we asked the Community Council to reduce the
number of seats on the council from 5 to 3. The Community Council
discussed the request today and agreed to the change.

Therefore (assuming sarnold's membership meeting goes well on May 6th)
we have four nominations for three positions, and will run a vote
through CIVS to determine which candidates to appoint. Per the IRC
Council charter, people who were members of the Ubuntu IRC Members
group[1] at the start of the election process are eligible to vote.
I will begin the voting period and send out ballots on May 10th (to
allow time for sarnold's membership and some administrivia on my end),
and the vote will run through May 24th (2 weeks).

(on behalf of the Ubuntu IRC Council)


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