complain about petty dictator op on freenode

indigo196 indigo196 at
Mon Jan 12 03:58:45 UTC 2015

On Mon, 2015-01-12 at 03:30 +0100, Achim Behrens wrote:
> Hi,
> since i am the op involved in this incident and beeing accused of some
> things here i will answer to this thread and explain my view and what i
> itended with my (re)actions. Its gonna be somewhat lengthy, but i am
> quite sick of beeing called petty dictator, nazi (last incidents), or
> other insults while offering my freetime to support ubuntu users as a
> supporter or beeing op trying to sort a dramaless climate which offers
> user the chance to receive help to have a good experience with ubuntu
> and in the community.


Thanks for the paste of the conversation with ntz.

First let me say that I do not have an issue with your muting ntz and
would not have had an issue if you muted cecja. I appreciate you putting
up with ntz when he got more belligerent with you.

I appreciate your effort.

In these situations there is usually nothing that makes the situation
better which I understand.



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