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Mon Jan 12 02:30:44 UTC 2015


since i am the op involved in this incident and beeing accused of some
things here i will answer to this thread and explain my view and what i
itended with my (re)actions. Its gonna be somewhat lengthy, but i am
quite sick of beeing called petty dictator, nazi (last incidents), or
other insults while offering my freetime to support ubuntu users as a
supporter or beeing op trying to sort a dramaless climate which offers
user the chance to receive help to have a good experience with ubuntu
and in the community.

So the user ntz joined and asked for someone pasting him an output. I
asked for more hardware and background information since it sounds like
a common issue with an easy fix (install the proper driver or having a
bad adapter). I receive the first "i know it all better than you all"
attitude demanding the output.
I try to explain why i think there is a better solution and still think
we can discuss the issue and take a look what is the issue behind that
at all. Receiving a "i know everything" attitude.
That is the point where i told him that i dont like that attitude and
that i will step down from trying to help him.
So far i was only "a Supporter"; i could just have given him the
outputline but i thought it would not help him anyway and offered my
help instead and asked for more details.

After that the user gets in some trouble with another user  (cecja), who
stated at the beginning, that he did not think that this paste would
help him anyway, after he (ntz) makes a statement which could
interpreted as calling all other users "rude and stupid". That leads
cecja to the statement: " 22:23 < cecja> ntz: stop plenking and gtfo".
I tell cecja that there is no need to become rude. This is where i start
changing from the user/supporter role to the Operator role. After that
ntz states clearly that he is not interessted in any technical support
anymore  but threatening he will escalate it to this mailinglist with
logs and insults cecja as "idiot".
On that second time i tell ntz to stop it.

Cecja makes another comment, while ntz now starts pasting his first
question again. So i mute ntz for preventing the channel from more
drama. After 14 seconds i unmute ntz again.
I could have muted cecja, too, but it seemed to me that ntz was the
aggressor who started insulting and was not going to stop, neither with
insults nor with making more statements. which means other users, still
getting support, would have suffered even more from this drama.

so tl;dr:
ntz asked for support, was offered other support, showed some attitude
and then went to insulting and threatening leading into a 14 seconds mute.

I will attach the log from the PM between ntz and me immediatly after i
unmuted him.

to some other concerns mentioned in this Thread so far:

the "!ask" factoid was not directed to ntz. It was meant for another
user asking for help just before ntz joined. If that was confusing or
read as rude, i am sorry for that. Usually i include the nicknames to
factoids to adress the users; i do not know why i did not here.

The comments from cecja are not acceptable for #ubuntu and do not
represent the community. There is no excuse for this sort of comments
even when the other user starts insulting.

I did not remove ntz from the channel. I used my channel access to temp
mute him to prevent the channel from more offtopic (its a technical
support channel and at this time the involved users were beyond the
point of coming back to support and were just making statements meant to
harm others). I do not know where the accusation comes from i would have
removed ntz from the channel.

best regards

Achim Behrens aka k1l

--- Log opened Fr Jan 09 22:25:56 2015
2015-01-09:22:25:56-!- Irssi: Starting query in Freenode with ntz
2015-01-09:22:25:56<             ntz> if this is the reason for insulting me I really don't know what else and quietting me I really don't know .. I'm going to report you
2015-01-09:22:26:24<             k1l> ntz stop making a drama on purpose
2015-01-09:22:27:00<             ntz> sorry, damage taken .. it's too much .. I'm here on freenode since its beginning .. this is really too much
2015-01-09:22:27:39<             ntz> I don't remember if I ever witnesssed (even not being involved) in similar incident in past 8 years
2015-01-09:22:29:40<             k1l> i think your are standing in your own way here. or more the one from your buddies who need help. i told you that this is related to the video cards and driver setup. you dont need to fiddle with xorg yourself in the first place on ubuntu.
2015-01-09:22:30:29<             ntz> reread what I said .. it should tell something like this
2015-01-09:22:30:30<             ntz> Screen 0: minimum 320 x 200, current 1600 x 900, maximum 32767 x 32767
2015-01-09:22:30:39<             ntz> maximum 32767 x 32767
2015-01-09:22:30:54<             ntz> ^^ don't you see the difference in Screen 0: minimum 640 x 480, current 1024 x 768, maximum 1024 x 768
2015-01-09:22:31:09<             k1l> i am ery disssapointed for you saying you are a long term freenode user and start to blackmail users immediately 
2015-01-09:22:31:52<             k1l> ntz not uncommon for a wrong driver setup. but since you dont want help on the issue from my side good luck with that
2015-01-09:22:31:58<             ntz> no sorry, you asked ... I'm only going to finish my email to  ubuntu-irc at ... will be from dpecka at
2015-01-09:22:32:06<             ntz> JFYI
2015-01-09:22:32:25<             ntz> now have a nice day and sorry for PM, i'd really didn't plan to PM with you .. really
--- Log closed Fr Jan 09 22:37:27 2015
--- Log opened Fr Jan 09 22:54:18 2015
2015-01-09:22:54:18<             ntz>
2015-01-09:22:54:49<             ntz> ^^ bon apetit .. you forced me for FUCKING first time I'm on freenode to do something like that
2015-01-09:22:55:17<             ntz> CONGRATS idiot .. 
2015-01-09:22:55:29<             k1l> ntz i dont get why you are going nuts at all?
2015-01-09:22:56:57<             k1l> people did try to help you since you were asking for help on a solution that seems to be really difficult instead of going for a easy solution.
2015-01-09:22:59:33<             k1l> i think this is the first time i will answer a claim that i am bullying as op. i think this pm will prove that i am not what you want to make me look like.
2015-01-09:23:01:16<             ntz> question yourself, not me .. okay, maybe I overreacted a bit, but if it leads to one less petty pussycat being OP on freenode I'd be very glad .. yes, it's bloodthirsty but really, I tell you, if your brain have at least two cells you'll thank me later for saving your soul
2015-01-09:23:02:08<             ntz> now enough, i'm not interested to any further discussing of this matter
2015-01-09:23:02:13<             ntz> regards !!
--- Log closed Fr Jan 09 23:07:27 2015

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