complain about petty dictator op on freenode

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Sun Jan 11 06:05:25 UTC 2015

You can't just expect answers when you demand for it. The user asking for
help got rude. I would have muted him too.
On Jan 10, 2015 7:09 PM, "Daniel Pecka" <dpecka at> wrote:

> Hello list,
> sorry in advance for this theme. Suing is bad and I don't sue at
> "normal" occasions  and it does not make me even feeling better (but
> worse instead), I can't help myself this time.
> I'd like to report (completely sick) incident in #ubuntu room at
> freenode. I came, humbly asked for something, received bullying even
> from OP ? WTH ?
> explanation:
> I'm on freenode almost since its beginnings and this is really too
> much. It's rude and disgusting. That guy should not be OP, it's the
> privilege, not right and this privilege is not there for helping the
> ppl to come theirs petty dictatorship dreams true. I don't have ubuntu
> for myself, that's not sin and I'm a community member of
> being moderator on forums (just a sidenote). This all
> situation is just annoying and my apologize for this "shit" ..
> Log is attached.
> regards ppl, d
> S Pozdravem / Best Regards
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