RFC: #ubuntu op misuse or not?

Jo-Erlend Schinstad joerlend.schinstad at gmail.com
Sat May 17 01:09:04 UTC 2014

On 17 May 2014 02:00, Rohan Dhruva <rohandhruva at gmail.com> wrote:

> You say that that the ops were calm and mature, which is again biased

Pardon? I didn't have any kind of preconception at all. I simply reviewed
the evidence, took notice of the fact that you kept hammering on with
abusive language which was not returned in any way.

rohan --->  k1l: there, more evidence of you being a total douchebag jerk.
i did *nothing* in #ubuntu
rohan --->  k1l: this is exactly what a dictator does, and if rustles your
german ex-nazi jimmies, it's your problem -- don't take it out on people in
IRC channels
k1l --->  lrohan: enough of that insulting. that is not making your ban be
rohan --->  k1l: you are the one who is being insulting -- i did nothing in
#ubuntu, and yet i am banned because you decide to take offence over nothing
rohan ---> ikonia, k1l -- both of you really need to grow up. IRC was
around much before you kids came in and ruined it
rohan --->  if you want to be so silly, go work on Yahoo! Answers forums
k1l --->  rohan: its enough. please come back in a week if you want the ban
to be lifted
rohan --->  k1l: i don't give a shit about your stupid ban, you're
obviously someone with nothing better to do than overuse your moderator

It's not bias to form an opinion after reviewing evidence, regardless of
who's involved. You were being abusive and

> To draw an analogy, if you have an argument with another person, would
> go to that person's house and change the locks? That's how irrational
> the ban seems to me.

That analogy doesn't make sense. #Ubuntu is not a private residence or even
a general chatroom. It is a technical help channel, comparable to a
customer support service or perhaps a workshop. If you're being disruptive,
preventing people from doing what they're there to do, then it makes
perfect sense that you'll be asked to leave. But if, as you say, you «don't
give a shit», then it makes sense that someone will guide you to the door,
asking you not to come back until you've calmed down.

> You asked for comments, so here's mine. I saw no ops misuse or personal
agendas at all. They were being calm and mature and did exactly what
they're supposed to. In my opinion, they were right, you were wrong and I
suggest you simply go do something else for a while and get your mind on
other things. I'm sure you'll be welcome when the anger and frustration

Unfortunately, this kind of "go get a life" response is exactly the
> kind of insulting hostility I experienced in the channel, and this

That is not what I wrote and not what I meant. I would never tell anyone to
«go get a life» or to RTFM or anything like that. That's not how we
communicate in the Ubuntu community and that's pretty much what all of this
is about, isn't it? What I meant to convey, was that you seem to be
emotionally caught up in something that should be considered a non-issue
and if you keep discussing it, then you're not allowing yourself to calm
down and put it behind you. I follow that advise myself all the time; when
I feel adrenaline pumping into my system, I try to go play the guitar or
something. You seem to take it as a personal insult, but then, perhaps the
reason is that you're angry. My personal experience indicates that anger
always seeks to sustain itself.

You've mentioned the «puppies don't die» thing a couple of times. I think
you're misunderstanding what we mean by that. So let's look at an example.
Someone comes into #Ubuntu complaning about weird disk issues. If these
issues are caused by malfunctioning hardware, then the advise is always to
disconnect it and immediately stop using it. Because the more you use it,
the more damaged it will get, constantly reducing the chances that you'll
be able to recover your data. But because of an angry debate, this point
never gets across to the user, he quits and continues to use the disk until
it fails for good. That's real damage. On the other hand, if you're denied
access to the channel for a week because ops are worried that you'll
disrupt the channel and cause more discussions – what harm is there? It is
perhaps, slightly irritating. But then again; you have to take at least
some of the responsibility for that. The other users don't.
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