IRC Operator team meeting minutes

Alan Bell alanbell at
Wed Mar 19 21:19:53 UTC 2014

Hi all,

thanks to all who attended the meeting and those who commented on the 
factoids pad in advance. Minutes of the meeting are available here:

key points were:

The IRCC has 4 members following the resignation of IdleOne, we will 
continue with 4 members until the end of this IRCC term unless we decide 
later in the term to fill the seat using the normal election process.

The unopaste bot is now active in #ubuntu and responding to accidental 
pastes of files, there are some suggestions on how this can be improved 
at a detail level, but in general we will continue to use this and 
enhance it.

We did a factoid review and culled many overused factoids, details are 
in the minutes and I will follow up with a more readable summary of what 
has changed and what has gone and why. It will be easy to reinstate 
factoids if we overdid the pruning at this time.

Metabot and Bestbot are no longer operating, we will clean up references 
to them

The #ubuntu-ops-team channel was reviewed, along with general 
communications. It was decided that the IRCC should be better at 
communicating ongoing issues and it was suggested that operators could 
use the appeals ticketing system at if they 
want a trackable "case" for their issue.

We did a small review of the operator applicant queues and we will be 
putting out a call for operators following our normal procedure.

Idoru was removed from #ubuntu-offtopic

There was a discussion about gamification of #ubuntu and bringing 
something similar to the 5 a day bug bashing project into IRC.


I work at

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